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.: We will play Purefrag? :.
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.:Bd|. Server Rules :.

1. SpawnKilling is allowed, but NO spawnkill with Artillery, SupportFire, Panzer, ...).

2. Trickjump & Doublejump For OBJECTIVE is NOT alloweed!

3. .:Bd|. Tag Stealing is NOT allowed!

4. Swearing/Insulting Names are NOT allowed!

5. Bad language is NOT allowed!

6. Cheaters are NOT welcome!

7. Spam in any way is NOT allowed!

8. Advertising (Servers IP&Websites...etc) on our server is NOT allowed!

9. Respect all specially Admins!

© .:Bd|. Admin Staff

. Clan Rules :.

1. If someone asks for Admin-Level, say him that he should stop it.

2. If you abuse your Admin-Righs you will loose your level or get kicked.

3. If you are inaktive, please leave a post in our Inactive Section

4. Be friendly against other players. If someone is insulting !warn him and contact a higher Admin.

5. You have to play at our server very often or be spectator.

6. If you have the !setlevel command you have to ask a Leader before you use it.

7. If you change your Ingame-Nick please inform us

8. If you are longer than 20 days inactive without informing a Leader you will get kicked.

9. Visit our TS3 Server and the Forum as much as you can!

© .:Bd|. Admin Staff

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